marathon training

marathon training

Monday, March 31, 2014

Build a Community

What do you think of when you think of the word community? Most of us probably think of the neighborhood we live in, the stores in close proximity, perhaps school districts. In the geographical sense, community is a big part of our lives, but I want us all to focus on the word in more of a lifestyle. Sometimes in order for us to feel a more conceptual wholeness to our being we need to go out and  build our own personal community. You know the saying "it takes a village to raise a child?" In this sense you are the child, and you need to surround yourself with people to help raise you up. Supportive people who want the best for you, make you stronger, and  catch you when you fall. You can have multiple communities. Each will bring a firmer sense of self when combined and intertwine themselves in your world. Great advice I often tell people who are looking to get healthier and starting to get into the gym...Talk to people!!! You will be amazed how quickly bonds form when people are all trying to accomplish the same thing. Get to know your  instructor, introduce yourself. These people are usually a wealth of knowledge and they want to help you succeed. When I first started running, I knew nobody. I ran mostly alone. Luckily my neighbor got inspired and I finally had a training partner. My community was building.  One day I decided to go on a training run at the local running shop (shout out to Sayville Running Company) for an upcoming race they were hosting. I began talking to another runner who was fairly new to the scene too. Just by opening up those lines of conversation I learned that she too was a nurse and that there was a group that ran a bunch of "hills"  weekly.  I began running those hills and fast forward a couple of years later- my personal community is flourishing. I know that when I am surrounded by my athlete family, I have unconditional support, motivation, and most importantly friendship, ( and I can't forget laughter, ohhhh we laugh alot!!) This idea of building a personal community does not have to be athletic centered, moving your mind is just as important. If art is your thing, find a local art class, join a book club, an environmental organization. Intertwine your community, take a running friend to an art show. Take a book club member running. Your life will be fuller, I guarantee it. Take chances, get out there, try something new. Build your personal community and be a proud member. -k

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  1. Just got a chance to catch up here on Active Life = Happy Life. Extremely well written. Excellent blog on Community.