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Burt's Bees Brightening Line

After a long hard winter, it is not surprising to find our skin a tangled mess of dry, blotchy, red, and dark spot discoloration. Welcome Spring, where the sun is not the only thing we want to glow! Spring and summer are the seasons where we not only don less clothes, but less heavy make-up too. Less make-up means we want to feel confident in our skin, brighten and even out skin tone as best we can. I was lucky enough to get to try Burt's Bees new Brightening Face Care Line, through my work as an Action Hero for Women's Health Magazine. Now I have always been a big fan of Burt's Bees line of natural products (especially their lip glosses)  since I really try to practice only using natural products especially when it comes to the largest organ in your body...your skin!!!!! Their new Brightening Line is clinically proven to brighten and even out skin tone when used as part of a daily regimen over 8 weeks. The line includes Brightening Dark Spot Corrector, Brightening Daily Facial Cleaner, Brightening Even Tone Moisturizing Cream, Brightening Eye Treatment and Refining Tonic. A perfect skin care regimen to get your skin glowing and looking its best.

I received the Brightening Dark Spot Corrector which can be used to target specific areas. It uses a formulation of White Daisy Extract which is known to regulate skin's melanin production (and just something about saying White Daisy Extract makes my skin happy!). They combine it with a multi-fuit complex which will help make the skin luminous, even toned and soft. In clinical studies 80% of women saw diminished appearance of dark spots and discoloration and 94% saw a dramatic improvement in skin hydration- sign me up because winter has hit me hard this year!! Immediately upon opening the package I loved the serum- like feeling the product had. I love the way serums absorb into the skin better. It went on smooth with no oily residue and absorbed quick, I swear it even gave me an instant boost to my skin. I was able to easily put make-up over it too. I love that they describe this product line as "Nature's Retoucher" because that is exactly what  I want in a skin care line- using real, natural products, not chemically enhanced to make my skin look its natural best!

Its been a couple of weeks, and I have definitely worked Burt's Bees Brightening Dark Spot Corrector into my daily regimen. I have noticed a new glow and  I am so excited to see how the next few weeks transform my skin even more! To learn more about this line from Burt's Bees visit:

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