marathon training

marathon training

Friday, March 21, 2014

Climb that Mountain

I didn't know I could climb a mountain.  It all starts with a little idea. That little something in the back of your head, a little voice that says I really want to....(insert a verb here). But there is a mountain. A large, ferocious mountain. Its covered in rocks, ice, sharp trees, and it's steep...ohhhh so steep. You can't see the top. You dont want to see the top. The ground below you is firm, familiar, and extremely comfortable. This is what you don't know: climbing that mountain is hard, its not going to be easy, but the real secret is what awaits at that top...the secret is the downward momentum you obtain as you caress down the other side. Come climb the mountain with me. You can, and then you will climb a second.

So many of us suffer from the mindset of thinking they are not able to do something, they suffer from a case of the "I can'ts". You know what I am talking about , because we have ALL been guilty of this. I had the pleasure of running with a new friend the other day, a seasoned personal trainer named Donna. We got talking about how to get, especially women , to break away from this negative mind frame. She told me how she encourages her clients to set tangable goals. This is the key: setting small goals that you can reach will allow you accomplish the once "impossible". Accomplishing is what it is all about. Nobody wakes up one morning and says "what a beautiful day,  I have never ran before, but 26.2 miles sure sounds like a good number to hit" . Nope, not going to happen -because its not realistic, not tangible. 

When starting any life change, and a health-minded life change is the easiest to explain this with, get specific with your goals. My philosophy of move your body, move your mind, will all come together as you reach the top of that mountain and begin the decent into a more fulfilled world. Its about building the confidence to continue the journey. Running for me has been that catalyst to propel me up that treacherous slope. It's an easy way to build tangible goals for success.

 Lets explore this mountain together: you have that little voice in the back of your head saying I would love to run, but I cant even make it to my mailbox. How many times have you heard someone utter those words? Lets change it to a tangible goal: "I would love to run. I know its going to be hard, but there is a local 5k (three miles)  that some of my co-workers are doing this spring and I want to cross that finish line with them." That is a tangible goal, its doable, and there is a time frame. The base of the mountain has the goal laid out in front of you, now its time to climb. Every day you work at it a little by little. Perhaps today you ran to your mailbox, tomorrow you reach the end of the block, either way you are progressing up this mountain. You might have setbacks, remember that mountain is full of rocky cliffs, treacherous curves and obstacles along the way. But that is ok, mountains are life, and life is not flat. Team work is key. Surround yourself with people you know will give you a hand to pull you up that grand hill, not pull you back down. Maybe you need a teammate, someone who also shares the same tangible goal. A good team should always have your back not leave you navigating alone. Be picky with who you climb with, surround yourself with positiveness. At some point the apex of this mountain comes into site. The day you worked for it actually here, race day. Being that it is a tangible goal, you can touch this summit and feel it, taste it even. That right there, is the power, but the real magic is about to begin. You cross that finish line and you will now have the secret that will propel you down the other side of that once impossible to climb mountain: CONFIDENCE. This is the key, this is the prize. This is the invisible medal you will place around your neck. You , the former doer of the "i cants" is now a doer of success. It's that little spark of confidence that you should ride the coat-tails on as you take flight down the other side of the mountain. Go with it, live it, enjoy it and most importantly use it to pick up speed to prepare to climb the next mountain. Set a new goal, it doesn't have to be a race, try learning a new language, take an art class, explore a new career. Know that you do indeed have the power to make that small inner voice into a loud shout. Remember to make goals that are tangible to build a successful confidence to move you forward with a smile on your face, next thing you know you will be scaling Mount Everest for real! -k

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