marathon training

marathon training

Product Review: Wahl Hot-Cold Massaging Gel Pack

It was like the Women's Health Magazine Action Hero Team were mind readers and knew that crazy Kelly was about to do something dumb, such as leaping all over the beach in her wetsuit, and then pull out her back only days before her first triathlon. Just a couple weeks prior they had sent me Wahl's (the company that invented the first electric massager almost a 100 years ago!)  Hot-Cold Massaging Gel Pack to try. No strangers to ice packs and heating packs in my household, my husband has a bad back, and I'm constantly injuring something...but this one was actually had a small massager insert right in the middle to pair with the heating or cooling affect of the pack- great combo for those aching muscles! So here I was in agony, barely able to move, and like an oasis- the box with the pack lit up...use me NOW it screamed. My awesome sports chiropractor and teammate told me to start icing like crazy before I could get to his office, since cold therapy is designed to restrict blood flow leading to reduced swelling and inflammation. Like I said, not being a stranger to heat and ice packs in our house, I have tried many, some don't heat up well, others don't freeze consistently.
 I was happy to see that pack, once frozen and placed in the micro-fiber case, was able to hold the temperature for up to 30 minutes and was able to contour my lower back right where I needed it perfectly. It stayed securely in place with the velcro straps attached. The bonus of throwing in the little massager hit right were I needed it. The ice pack was even perfect enough to wear under my scrubs at work without anyone realizing it for continued treatment, although I opted not to walk around with the massager on, didn't want to start any rumors on that one!! And, I am happy to report between my doctor and the great cold therapy I received using my Wahl Hot-Cold Massaging Gel Pack my first triathlon was a success!!

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