marathon training

marathon training

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Look Good, Feel Good, Run Hard! Heidi Klum for New Balance

One of the great things about being a Women's Health Action Hero is the ability to try out new products that represent and inspire a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle. I was lucky enough to receive some of the great looks from Heidi Klum's new line for New Balance. Now, I have been known to race wearing my favorite red lipstick, because you want to know why? It makes me feel good, and when I feel good, I perform better!! Nothing wrong with that!! So what do you get when you take Heidi Klum's fashion sense and combine it with New Balance's reputation for awesome athletic apparel and get fabulosity!!! I knew some of my other Action Hero girls received capris and tanks, and I was so excited to open my box and find running shorts and a sports bra- perfect timing since that weekend I had an important 5K that I really wanted to perform good in and make my new training team, Champion Performance Racing Team, proud.

The shorts were totally feminine with a gorgeous, silky feel that I never felt in running shorts before. With a silver piping along the edges, it gave an edgy feel that was totally me. The pocket in the back was the icing on the cake, I wish ALL running shorts had this, it is so needed to stash a key/ money/ or ten thousand tissues like I need with this darn weather! The inner shorts were more than just your standard running undies that are usually attached, this had a little more length and substance to them making the "lady parts" feel a little more protected and happy! The sports bra was so much fun, the back with the criss crossing and the foam green color amongst the black was the perfect color combo. Again, just like the shorts, the texture of the material was top notch, totally smooth yet moisture wicking like a good sports bra should be. Most importantly the "girls" were happy, and even though the "girls" are little, they still don't like a good bounce, and they were perfectly at peace while I jostled them around for a hard three miles!

Like I said when you look good, you feel good, and boy was I feeling good!! I set a personal record at this race with my best 5k time of 23:56 @ 7:43 mi pace and got a third place medal in  my age group! Shout out to my Champion  Performance Race team who also collected many medals in this race, an awesome morning all around! I think I might  have to wear this same outfit to every single race from now on!! Check out for her complete line of gorgeous new athletic wear... all can be mixed and matched and feature footwear, jackets, leggings, capris, and tanks... look fabulous before you work out, during and after...I know I did!!   #HKNB